Cracking Open Record Giving

HATCH for Hunger starts 2020 with monumental month of protein deliveries.

It’s a simple idea.

Provide undernourished people with quality protein straight from the farm to elevate their lives and end hunger.

Easy to say, challenging to accomplish.

Now in its fifth year, the HATCH for Hunger program has reached new heights, providing 80,000 dozen eggs in the first month of the year to food pantries across four states.

“I was so energized by ending 2019 with a record month, delivering 60,000 dozen eggs in December,” says HATCH CEO, Randy Reichmann. “This growth shows our communities have a need for this type of food in the fight against hunger.”

The non-profit connects egg farmers with food banks and pantries across Indiana, Arizona, Missouri and now, Kentucky. Most food pantries and food banks aren’t able to provide consistently eggs based on refrigeration storage availability and refrigeration needed during transportation. HATCH for Hunger acts as the link between egg farms and food giving organizations, helping coordinate the logistics to help put healthy food in the hands of those who need it most.

“This growth wouldn’t be possible without our egg farmer partners Rose Acre Farms and Midwest Poultry Services who supply our eggs,” says Reichmann. “Currently we have orders for 50,000 dozen above what we can provide today and are looking for additional farms to help supply the need.”

One egg provides half the protein a child needs for a day. In the U.S. an estimated 11 million children experience food insecurity.

For volunteer opportunities and ideas on how to help HATCH for Hunger in working to end hunger, visit our Hatch Ambassadors page.

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