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Our Farmer Partners

HATCH is a grassroots movement, powered by farmers, volunteers and generous givers. While many farms make donations to local food pantries, their giving ability is often above and beyond storage capacity at local pantries, especially if the farmers are able to recoup some of their costs. At the same time, egg transport and logistics is challenging to coordinate. HATCH allows eggs to go directly from the farm to food banks, lifting the burden of logistics from egg farmers and allowing their supply to reach more people in need.


Maximize every egg produced

HATCH creates value for egg suppliers in multiple ways:

    • Reliable outlet for the purchase and donation of medium sized eggs
    • High impact stories about egg supplier’s social responsibility
    • Elevates the value of the egg in addressing food insecurity
    • Reduction in taxable income through donations

Partner with Hatch and Give Back

Donate eggs and receive social media content, social impact data, and other resources to tell the story about how you’re working against fighting hunger nationwide. 

Are you an egg or protein producer that’s interested in partnering with HATCH? Learn more about our egg producer program by contacting the HATCH team. 

Partner With Hatch


Our mission, since 2015, is to build a protein secure supply chain by connecting animal protein, direct from farmers to hunger relief organizations through an efficient, sustainable, and value-based model.


Sustainably deliver 100,000,000 protein rich meals to hunger relief organizations by 2025 providing better nutrition, better diet, and better health and well-being to children and adults enriching lives and lowering medical costs for generations to come.