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Here at HATCH, our team is small and mighty. However, we’re always on the lookout for individuals who want to make a significant impact in the community and who can help us in our mission to build a sustainable supply chain. 

This summer, we’ve been lucky to bring on an Operations Intern, Jayden Turner. Jayden is a student at North Carolina A&T, the largest historically Black university in the United States, located in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Read more about Jayden’s intern experience below!

Jayden Turner – Operations Intern

Hi Jayden! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hey, my name is Jayden Turner. I am a fifth-generation farmer from NC. I attend North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, majoring in Agribusiness with a minor in Supply Chain. I’m in love with agriculture and plan to start my own business in this field very soon.

What brought you to supply chain and logistics as an area of interest? 

Supply chain and logistics have not always been my focus but have always been in the back of my mind. Supply chain and logistics are vital to the world and will always be around. Something with that kind of longevity is something I definitely want to be a part of. 

What’s your dream job? Where would you like to be post-grad? 

My dream job is being a beef cattle farmer: raising beef, processing beef, and ultimately selling beef. Post-grad, I want to be on the farm doing what I love to do. If that fails, my next move would be going into logistics/supply chain, manufacturing, or sales.

Tell us about the projects you’ve worked on this summer. 

My projects this summer have been super fun, from visiting farms to creating freight orders, to planning a community event. Visiting farms was nothing new to me, but seeing how people in Indiana farm versus how people farm back at home in North Carolina has been a unique experience. 

Handling freight for HATCH this summer has been a blast. It’s really given me insight into the logistics world and how everything operates. 

And finally, the community event. Getting it off the ground has been a process, from securing entertainment and food to getting every community partner involved and on the same page. 

Given all these projects, my favorite this summer was visiting the local farms.

What have you learned about food insecurity? 

Leading up to this internship, food insecurity was not a main focus of mine. With that said, this internship has opened my eyes to people who are hungry and can’t get nutritious food. Working with people who are fighting food insecurity every day has changed my mindset in life, turning it from simple agriculture to feeding and helping those in need.

What’s something interesting about supply chain and logistics that you’ve learned recently? 

This summer I’ve had a bunch of new experiences with supply chain and logistics. I have seen the highs and the lows of this business sector, from never having to micro-manage a load to an entire load having to be dumped due to missteps. To me, this is the most interesting part about logistics: “If all parts are not in place, bad things can and will happen.”

What makes HATCH a unique organization to intern for? 

Interning for HATCH is very unique because there are not a lot, if any, organizations doing the groundwork that HATCH is doing. HATCH has really inspired me this summer to achieve anything I want and ultimately instilled in me that “success is only one phone call away.”

What’s been your favorite part of interning with HATCH so far? 

My favorite part of interning at HATCH this summer is the people. The people here are so professional and educated and perform to the highest level possible. After my time here is done, I will not miss the operations, the logistics, or even the eggs – what I will miss most is the people.

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