Hatch Partners with Food Banks


That is the number of dozen eggs Hatch has delivered to food banks and pantries in 2022 that were in turn given to hungry families. Hatch works tirelessly to provide a consistent source of nutritious protein to the food banks that may otherwise struggle to provide eggs on a consistent basis.


Finally, premium protein at a discount

Partnering with Hatch means you get access to protein that is:

    • Reliable: Eggs with a long shelf life are always in stock
    • Flexible: Order eggs only when you need them
    • Fresh: Our discounted eggs come straight from the farm and follow all federal and state food standards

Are you a food bank or pantry? Get in TOUCH! 

Partner With Hatch

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Protein is important,  Access is critical

To deliver on the HATCH mission — being the connector in a protein supply chain for good —  HATCH began partnering in 2022 with food pantries to increase access to cold storage proteins. Food banks and pantries in need of direct to neighbor cold storage should connect with HATCH.

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Our mission, since 2015, is to build a protein secure supply chain by connecting animal protein, direct from farmers to hunger relief organizations through an efficient, sustainable, and value-based model.


Sustainably deliver 100,000,000 protein rich meals to hunger relief organizations by 2025 providing better nutrition, better diet, and better health and well-being to children and adults enriching lives and lowering medical costs for generations to come.