At HATCH, our mission is to build a protein secure supply chain by connecting animal protein direct from farmers to hunger relief organizations through an efficient, sustainable, and value-based model.

There’s three key elements to this mission: partnership, value, and sustainability. We wouldn’t be making the impact we are today – more than 6M dozen eggs delivered this year so far – without our farm and food bank partners and the value they bring to communities across the country.

So now we look at the final element: sustainability, or building a long-lasting model that gets protein in all its forms from farmers onto neighbor’s tables. And while we’ve spent the past eight years with eggs as our bread-and-butter, it’s always been with the intention of becoming a connector of protein in its many forms. 

That said, we’re excited to share with you the next step for HATCH in building a protein-secure supply chain. This fall, HATCH will be introducing chicken and beef into our regular protein offerings!

We’ve been listening to the feedback of our partners and doing our best to create access to affordable, regular protein. This fall, we’ll be adding a variety of chicken and beef cuts to our current protein offering, such as chicken drumsticks, thighs, and leg quarters, and beef sticks and chubs. Convening the purchasing power of the 70+ food banks we support and our shared-value model, we will provide affordable quarterly pricing model to our partners.

“In the past year, our footprint at HATCH has been growing exponentially,” said Danny Leckie, Executive Director of HATCH. “We’ve proven that our role as a connector in the protein supply chain is one that our partners value, and it seems like the right time to begin introducing added value for them in the form of chicken, beef, and other proteins to come.”

We are truly committed to changing lives through creating sustainable access to protein in its many forms. We hope these expanded offerings continue to make an impact by creating healthier diets and better health outcomes for neighbors nationwide. 

“Whatever we can do to make an impact on the lives of the neighbors we serve, we’re going to embrace wholeheartedly. Providing affordable options for chicken and beef is a big step forward,” said Leckie.

In commitment to providing value to our current partners, we are offering food bank partners the opportunity to be the first to receive affordable protein options from HATCH for their neighbors, supplementing current donations and government purchases.

We’re asking current food bank partners who are interested in placing an order in Q3 to contact Graham Williams (gwilliams@hatchforhunger.com) or Danny Leckie (dleckie@hatchforhunger.com) by July 25th.

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer these protein sources to our food bank partners and eager to hit the ground running. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against food insecurity by making sure every single neighbor has access to a fresh, sustainable supply of protein!

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