Some Good News — Farm Feasts Help Feed Indy During COVID-19

Our nation’s food supply chains are a big ship that turns slowly. While many farms find themselves with extra product, food pantries supplies run low.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on many people’s lives, bringing economic burden and added insecurity for those already vulnerable. HATCH for Hunger connects farmers and food pantries to help supply high quality protein, traditionally in the form of eggs to families in need.

“It’s humbling to see how great the need is during this time,” says Randy Reichmann, HATCH for Hunger, CEO. “These families need support, the best way we can help is by providing high-quality food packed with protein to keep them healthy and on a path toward recovery.”


When pantries in the HATCH network saw the need spike in the wake of COVID-19, the HATCH for Hunger team sprung to action. Suppliers, Rose Acre Farms and Midwest Poultry, upped their regular egg donations and other protein partners joined the table.

Gunthrop Farms, Harlan Bakery and Fair Oaks Farms joined a special effort to help provide a protein-rich breakfast to families in Indianapolis. What HATCH is calling “farm feasts” through a partnership with Shepherd Community center began to provide families ingredients, recipes and more for a family breakfast. The Farm Feast breakfast included: a dozen eggs, gallon of milk, half a dozen bagels and breakfast sausage. .

The first week 200 families received a Farm Feast — it wasn’t enough.

Cars lined up around the block hours before the team was set to start. Inside families hoping to get the nutrition they need. Some drove away without it.

What began as a limited distribution continues. To date, 1,450 families have received a Farm Feast with another 500 planned for this week. Indiana Pork Producers also joined the effort, committing to help supply bacon to the Farm Feasts.

“It’s just about connecting compassionate hearts with what they have to give,” says Reichmann. “This organization has always been about helping farmers do what they do best — feed people.”

To help supply Farm Feasts to more families, consider donating. This helps HATCH buy additional protein-rich, healthy foods to feed those in need.

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