Eggs for the greater good

HATCH is creating a sustainable solution to the hunger crisis in America. We deliver fresh protein directly from the farm to food insecure and undernourished families. In turn, we create value for everyone in the food chain - from egg farms and food pantries, to retailers and corporate sponsors. 

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Dozen eggs delivered in 2021


Meals provided in 2021


Meals provided since 2019

We partner with

Egg Producers

Hatch partners with UEP Certified Egg producers who want to Maximize the value of every egg produced. Our farmer partners generously donate and sell medium eggs to Hatch. We then put those eggs into our network for food pantries and food banks, feeding hundreds of thousands of families annually. 

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 Food Banks

Food banks and food pantries are the hands and feet of the anti-hunger movement, but often they lack fresh, healthy options due to the logistical challenges of receiving refrigerated protein. HATCH partners with food banks to provide them with on-demand fresh eggs so they can provide those in need with high protein, healthy food options. 

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Business Partners


Why Eggs?

11.8% of all U.S. households

are suffering from food scarcity

Hunger is a complex issue. An egg may seem like a normal breakfast for most of us, but to a family that doesn't know where their next meal is coming from, it's half the protein a child needs for the day, it's all 9 essential amino acids and a chance at a better tomorrow.

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How It Works


Farmers partner with Hatch


Hatch delivers to food banks


Undernourished families enjoy high quality protein

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Our mission is to build a sustainable solution to end the hunger crisis in America by connecting animal protein, direct from farmers, to hunger relief organizations through an efficient, sustainable, and value-based model.


To “change the menu” for 1 million food insecure families per month by 2025 in America by connecting animal protein from farmers to hunger relief organizations.