Farmers know how to feed the world better than anyone -
so why not turn to them to help solve hunger?

HATCH brings people across the food chain together to use our collaborative power to change the way we get healthy food to undernourished people. It's about helping our neighbors by giving people the tools they need to live better lives. We've re-imagined the traditional "giving" model to create a nonprofit that isn't just based on charity, but gives value back to those who supply our eggs.

In the United States more than 42 million people don't know where their next meal is coming from and 13 million of those are children. Many more just can't afford to purchase healthy food. HATCH is on a mission to help undernourished children and families get the food they need to change their lives.

By starting with egg farmers, we've created a sustainable system to get good food in the hands that need it most. We believe if we can help those walking through tough times fuel their bodies with healthy protein, we can give them the fuel they need to weather their storms and change their circumstances.

Food relief is happening on a national level but the frustration is that most giving campaigns result in food that doesn't add to people's health. HATCH is a grassroots organization building a solution to undernourishment and food insecurity straight from the source - the farm.

The logistics of donating a refrigerated product like eggs takes a team to coordinate between the farm and the consumer. Eggs must be refrigerated during transportation to maintain food safety. Getting eggs from HATCH allows food pantries to provide a safe, nutritious product to undernourished families while at the same time stretching the limited dollars of these giving organizations.

HATCH is able to amplify the impact of farms by spreading out eggs across a variety of food giving organizations. This allows communities beyond the local farm to get access to high-quality protein.

HATCH began in 2015 with the idea of connecting farmers and food banks, not just on a local level, but a national one. Bringing together the power of those who supply healthy foods to our nation's grocery store shelves to the shelves of food pantries and food giving organizations in a sustainable way - one where helping people doesn't hurt businesses. We believe charity is important, but it's not the only answer. If we can build reliable sources of healthy food at a lower cost for the organizations that are on the front lines of hunger and poverty in their local communities, then we can change the nutrition access of our most vulnerable community members and help them lead better lives. Because we believe everyone deserves eggs.

In our first year HATCH delivered 60,000 dozen eggs to food banks and pantries around the Indianapolis area. Today, we deliver nearly 100,000 dozen each month throughout the country and ready to expand!